Tips on how to make a hassle free claim:

  • Firstly you should check your policy wording and schedule to make sure that you are covered for the event that has happened. If in any doubt please give us a call.
  • You should make your claim as soon as possible after you suffer a loss. Some companies may reduce the amount they pay if a claim is left for too long before being submitted.

You must also:

  • Take all reasonable steps to stop any further loss from occurring.
  • Make a report to the nearest police station if your property is lost or stolen, vandalised or maliciously damaged. Your company may ask for a copy of this report.
  • Keep the property that has been damaged so that the insurance company can inspect it.
  • Obtain all details of the responsible party.
  • Complete a claim form or lodge a claim over the phone.
  • Tell us about any prosecution or inquest that may be held.
  • Send us any document relating to your claim as soon as you receive it.

You should not do any of the following:

  • Repair or replace any damaged property without the consent of the insurance company.
  • Pay, promise to pay, or offer payment, or admit responsibility for a claim.