Butler & Butler Investment Services Pty Ltd (Butler & Butler) is a diverse financial planning group and holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence. Established in 1991, our advisers have been working with clients to understand and work towards achieving their financial aspirations – helping them to turn dreams into reality.

Being one of South Australia's boutique financial planning groups means Butler & Butler is uniquely positioned to provide quality financial advice to help create, manage and preserve wealth. Our advisers work with up-to-the-minute industry and market information and leading-edge technology to allow this to happen.

Our needs based advice delivers a broad range of services, practical recommendations and sound workable solutions to help you plan for a successful future.

Individuals: Many people consider their future with thoughts of living a healthy and financially independent lifestyle. Unfortunately, most don't take the steps to plan for their desired future. At Butler & Butler, our advisers can work with you on a range of financial issues to help you and your family reach your future goals.

Retirement: Most of us expect to retire one day, yet few of us really think about how retirement will affect our financial security. This is surprising considering we could spend approximately one third of our lives as retirees.

Whether it's several years away or just around the corner, you should plan for your retirement now. Your lifestyle in retirement will be governed largely by your financial position. That's why it's so important to start planning for your financial security as soon as possible.

Superannuation: To ensure that you live the lifestyle you want in your retirement years, your Butler & Butler adviser will work closely with you to develop an appropriate financial strategy.

Saving and investing through superannuation has been designed to be the foundation for your financial independence in retirement. The earlier you start preparing for it, the better. Your Butler & Butler adviser can recommend the most appropriate Superannuation fund for your needs. Each superannuation fund recommended to you is evaluated by an independent external research team.

Investing: Often financial goals are closely linked to your life plans, so your Butler & Butler adviser will become far more than someone who just makes the numbers work. They will be there to adjust your investment strategies to suit every major event in your life, and they will understand your hopes and apprehensions about your future.

Butler & Butler advisers can help you:

  • identify your goals
  • make more informed decisions about your money
  • use and protect your money to your best advantage
  • choose products that suit your needs and circumstances.

Insurance: Have you ever considered what would happen to your family and loved ones in the event of injury or premature death? Personal insurance is the basis of a sound financial plan. It offers financial security for your family by protecting your financial assets against potential losses caused by unforseen events such as death, disability or even old age.

Before choosing any personal insurance policy, you will need to ensure that it is flexible enough to suit your immediate and future requirements. Your dedicated Butler & Butler risk adviser will be able to work with you to identify any issues and recommend the most appropriate insurance product. By following this process and carrying out regular reviews you and your family can be assured of a certain future.